Kids Nature Mandalas Workshop

I am hosting a children’s workshop during the Easter school holidays at The Garden in Frankston. I was in part inspired by my button tin that I offer in the play room. One of my clients recently sat quietly and made patterns using ribbons, lace and buttons from the tin, and she even took my smaller creations and added it to hers.

I wanted to create something that reflected my own experiences with mindfulness from childhood. Many people have lovingly recalled button jars, boxes or tins from their own experiences as children. My Grandmother used to have cabinet with frosted glass stocked with toys and games that we were able to have full reign of when visiting. It seemed that these materials were extra special most likely because we did not use them all the time. I especially enjoyed looking for my favourite buttons and still love the sound it makes when they bounce against glass when being refilled.

This workshop will have a slightly different focus, even if the principle it is based on is loosely the same. Instead of buttons, there will be a wonderful selection of fresh materials which will include leaves, twigs, sticks, flower petals, shells, cones, feathers and more. They will be sourced from the local area, which I hope will encourage the children to continue making their own mandalas at home.

The children will be able to explore their creativity by selecting and arranging the materials into patterns which may occur naturally or with predetermined thought from the participant.

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and this will be a process based exploration for the participants to express themselves individually. I will photograph their creations as we will not be constructing them with glue or tape.

I am currently researching my next workshop with recycled materials and loose parts to be delivered in May 2018.

If there is interest I would love to offer this workshop and others to adults to express their inner worlds through natural materials too.

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