The gift of guided self awareness through play

The gift of guided self awareness through play

I hear and see a lot of things from my clients. As they tell it, of course it is entirely from their perspective.

This seems to come easily to clients who are confident expressing themselves, but more difficult for those less articulate.

Choosing games and materials can get the conversations started, and big worries have a chance to become much smaller. As I get to know a client better, it is part of my role to help them find appropriate ways to self reflect upon their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Feeling that you are heard takes time to develop and is an essential first step in the therapeutic play space.

The next, and maybe more important part is that the client can also experience this in their relationships with others outside of the play space. This may include parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, teachers and the wider school community.

It can feel safe to stay true to the beliefs that a child may hold towards others, even if they know it can cause them to feel unhappy. Perhaps there are situations where the client may not have any insight into why they are feeling the way that they do.

Taking time to consider your actions and words and how they may affect others can feel new and sometimes uncomfortable for children. However, in the safety of the play space it can also contribute to a feeling of relief and acceptance that they might never have imagined possible.