Is your world shifting?

Is your world shifting?

“Every time your mind shifts, your world shifts”                            Byron Katie

Have you ever considered how much the subconscious mind ‘drives’ the conscious mind? Whenever we are trying to eat well, we seem to get invited to parties. Whenever we are trying to save money the must have new season item appears to tempt us.

It might seem like fate, but actually there is a lot to be said for what our underlying beliefs are, in contrast to what is happening around us.

Thought Field Tapping (TFT) is a easy, safe and effective way to reach into the subconscious to ‘see’ what may be influencing our choices, patterns and feelings.

Choosing an area of life which may be causing you physical or emotional pain and rating that pain is the very first step. Once this is established there is no need to go into great detail to find out what has been causing the pain, in fact a client may choose not to talk at all, but tap instead.

We cannot change the difficult or upsetting life events that have happened in the past, but we can choose to find peace and acceptance to what emotions have become attached to those challenges.

Having a new perspective can totally change the way that you look at, and live your life.