Podcast one!

Podcast one!

Today I was invited to do a podcast at Holmesglen Tafe (Technical and Further Training) on the subject of Educational Leadership.

As my first ‘trade’ is being a Preschool teacher, 20 minutes to cram in as much information as possible to impart on future graduates was very brief – for those that know me, I could talk underwater!

I was asked what advice I would give to graduates and my response was simple –

  • take every opportunity available to ask questions and learn all you can from your mentors
  • go off the ‘beaten path’ by working in different environment and location that you can to open your mind to new things
  • you will never stop learning as a teacher (they often learn from their students too!)

This experience was a little different from my 2 times on radio as the audience in this case will be current students who are working towards gaining their degrees and will soon be my colleagues out in the ‘field’. This podcast forms part of their curriculum to listen and refer to when completing future assignments.

It was fun for me, but also humbling as I felt respected and valued by the senior lecturer who chose me to interview. It also reminded me of my place in the cycle of learning and developing even after 22 years in the ‘trade’.