Can we let go of being busy?

We have a strange obsession about productivity and ‘busyness’ in the Western world and it is affecting everyone in some way, shape or form. The effect is often more negative than positive despite what we tell ourselves.

There is an emphasis on short term gratification that is driving us to want ‘more’ but actually leaves us with ‘less’.

The ‘more’ is often filling an emotional gap that could never be filled with ‘things’ and the ‘less’ is robbing us of what we say we want – time, attention, freedom, peace…..

There is a huge emphasis on the trend towards adopting Eastern practices such as mindfulness and meditation which have seen a massive shift against the rising tide of ‘doing’ rather than being which is helping us adjust, and even lower our expectations of living healthy and whole lives.

My decision to leave teaching full time and to pursue the dream of having my own business was driven largely by a decline in my health – I was at risk of Chronic Fatigue from over giving and putting myself last. This is so common but it does not have to be!

It is more important than ever to get off the express laneway wherever possible and to reclaim time as the precious commodity that it is.

How often are we reminded of this but end up in the same old rut of trying to force ourselves to fit in with an impossible mountain to climb yet expect ourselves to feel fulfilled?

Me included.

So it is time to slow down and enjoy time and the learning along the way – children included, because they are looking to us to show them the way.

By slowing down relationships can be strengthened and nurtured with comfort, grace and humility.

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