Nurturing Neroli


When comforting loved ones words can help, but having other options can offer benefits that promote self care and self soothing that is managed independently and individually.

I use essential oils everyday – sometimes chosen randomly, but mostly by how I feel or what I am drawn to in my collection. I love to have a roller bottle which I can apply like perfume which have so many beautiful benefits that don’t irritate my sensitive skin.

At home, or when with my clients I have a fabulous diffuser that permeates the space with my oils very subtly. The real magic is that with quality oils you don’t need much to get amazing benefits.

Neroli is thought to balance the emotions and the heart. Neroli oil may also help soothe sensitive, inflamed skin or tone and repair the skin. This oil may assist with anxiety, shock, or anger, and is useful as a sleep aid.

As a Youngevity Distributor I can highly recommend their amazing essential oils that come in convenient pre-blended roller balls which can be applied any time to your child to offer them rapid and relief from these symptoms.

The Neroli roller blend comes as part of the Children’s Blending-on-the-go Kit or can be purchased separately.


This collection of oils could easily become a ‘First Aid’ Kit which children could select for themselves to help them to connect their minds and bodies with confidence.

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