Lovely Lavender, Fabulous Frankincense!

Lovely Lavender, Fabulous Frankincense!

We know of the many benefits of Lavender oil and have some positive associations with it as a flower that promotes relaxation and calm.

However, when Lavender is combined with Frankincense they are excellent for emotional support when dealing with:






This beautiful blend may be used in a warm bath, in a diffuser, massaged into the skin (using a carrier oil) diluted (in water) as a spray mist or applied topically (using a carrier oil) onto the bottom of the feet.

The beauty of this particular blend is that it is available pre-blended and ready for immediate application using the roller balls.

NB: Examples of carrier oils can include: Jojoba, grapeseed and Kukui (also available from Youngevity)

All Youngevity single essential oils and essential oil blends come with a reference card which includes all the important details and information to get the most out of your oils.