Anxiety – Nature’s wake up call?

Anxiety – Nature’s wake up call?

Anxious thoughts are thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.  This is difficult to remember when crippled with difficult and painful imagery, shortness of breath or feeling frozen to the spot….

From personal experience I can relate to feelings of anxiety, never more present it seems than when you need to be ready to face 20+ smiling and eager faces from little children who are excited about LIFE!

About 8 years ago, I was plagued with blocked ears that were so severe that I was concerned that I may have permanent hearing loss which ended up being one of the most important symptoms my amazing body could have created to get me to call for help!

Finally experiencing relief from this after have my ears gently candled, I discovered much more about my life, my health and my possible future. As my Reiki Practitioner gently guided me she helped me to understand that I did have a choice about my health and that I did not have to continue to suffer in silence.

I am forever changed because I decided to LISTEN to my body and today this is why I  prioritise my health in ways I never even knew that I needed to.

Like many others I put the needs of others before my own and all that ended up happening was that I became tired, confused, overwhelmed and scared which meant wearing a mask of happiness that was hiding real pain buried deep inside me.

Our family had experienced several deaths in quick succession, and although all painful, I am statistically from one that has lost a brother from suicide – I did not know how dangerously close I was to the edge as I thought I had been coping with my grief and sadness of someone who I had considered my guiding light in life.

Unbelievably it has been seventeen years since he died, but this is the time to share and impart my learnings and to offer my take on anxiety to support you and those you cherish.

An evening workshop is just the start…. as an invitation to use this information as a way to connect and respond with love and compassion beyond the surface of our everyday lives.

There are a few tickets left for tomorrow evening’s session at The Garden, Frankston which can be booked following the link: