The Power of Tera Mai Reiki Seichem

The Power of Tera Mai Reiki Seichem

Every time I do Reiki Seichem I am reminded of the privelige I have to help others in the most gentle, though powerful way possible.

From the comforting tingle and warmth in my hands to the guiding words and instructions that I can feel and hear simultaneously I am forever grateful for being attuned and connected.

During a recent client treatment I was reflecting on one of the most priceless experiences I’ve ever been able to share.

Challenged with physical pain and emotional anxiety, (that I have tried to verbally support them with temporary results) it (the discomfort) was leaving their heart and mind quickly and effortlessly throughout the treatment everywhere I positioned my hands.

They described feeling like “being in the clouds” and feeling freedom from the burden of heavy thoughts that had been weighing them down. During this exchange, information was channeled through me that gave them ‘permission’ to listen to inner self. The best feeling was to witness them to truly know that every choice regarding bountiful health and wellbeing is all within themself. The statement they heard gave them enormous comfort from the discomfort and stress they had been carrying around inside them.

No amount of words, arguments or cajoling from me has ever had such a positive effect to affect change to support them

Reiki Seichem allows any judgment to be put aside for understanding and compassion to prevail bringing love, healing and forgiveness to be restored and invited in.

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