Feeling stuck?


Of course it is normal to feel that we are stuck in a rut when our routines become ingrained and familiar, and one day can seem exactly like another. We might feel that we  don’t have control over the situation that we feel enveloped by.  It doesn’t have to be this way though because we there is one thing we have total choice over – our response to any given event.  This is something that I have been able to focus on with my recent clients which left them feeling lighter and a sense of freedom that they had not experienced for a long time.

In relation to my own experience with tapping I have had amazing results that have continued long after the conclusion of a session. It can bring clarity and peace within minutes as relief can be felt from the strongest and biggest of emotions being released to be replaced with insight and ‘wisdom’ that had been hidden from view.

Since having been guided by my tapping mentors I chose to train to become a practitioner myself and have discovered that it can be a natural complement to Play Therapy and Reiki to assist my clients to return to a peaceful state of being and able to ‘turn their wheels’ with ease and confidence to move forward in life.

I will be holding a Tapping for Stress Workshop at Shine Health during the open day from 2.00 pm.

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