Anger and the anchor metaphor

Anger and the anchor metaphor

While preparing for my upcoming ‘Appreciating Anger’ evening I have discovered some interesting and unusual analogies to describe the powerful, and sometimes detrimental physical and emotional effects anger can have.

I want to highlight this, as there can be an upside to feeling and delving into ‘negative’ emotions which, when uncovered could potentially provide insight, peace and relief that you may have never thought possible.

The session is open to everyone – either to understand yourself better, or as a way of creating closer relationships with those around you. I am expecting some participants might be attending to learn techniques and strategies to support parenting or teaching skills.

Whatever piques your interest in this event, I am sure you will gain information that can assist you to discover greater compassion and understanding of an emotion that is often misunderstood because of the possible negative connotations.

I decided to run this event close to the end of the year, which is often a time when we become contemplative of our recent experiences and our thoughts turn to festivity and kindness towards others – something I would like to think could be carried on all through out the year regardless of the date, for the greater good of humanity.



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