Do you believe in luck?

Do you believe in luck?

When things are going great, or going badly in life, some put it down to luck, others may believe it is fate. But, what if how we viewed our life came back to what we believe about ourselves?

I recently attended a lunch where this was discussed and was interested to hear how this topic was debated back and forth, and allowed each participant to consider their inner beliefs, which are often handed down through the generations and shape our worlds unconsciously.

Upon my return home, I felt compelled to watch a fun and light movie called ‘Just My Luck’ in which the main character seems to lead a ‘charmed’ life, but does not even recognise it, even though her long suffering friends know it! When she meets a romantic interest who seems to have ‘no luck’, they ‘swap fortunes’ after a passionate embrace and she experiences a range of ‘catastrophes’ while his life improves out of sight.  (In case you have not seen it, I won’t ruin the ending!)

With a modality such as Tapping, this can help uncover our internal and some times long held beliefs that we store inside from childhood to help us ‘make sense of the disasters’ to sometimes uncover amazing blessings, when the emotion is neutralised and is replaced with acceptance and peace – allowing us the potential to ‘create our own luck’!