Permission to pause..

Permission to pause..

Each morning we are born again.What we do today matters most.Buddha

Spending a day with family on Victoria’s Bass Coast was an opportunity to connect after our Christmas celebrations and a wonderful opportunity to hit the open road and sing my heart out with no objections!

A little change to my surroundings has filled me with a renewed sense of what is means to truly take a break, even one day has made a difference. Set up at the beach to watch the world go by and the mixed assortment of beach goers gave me chance to play again, as I joined my loved ones to let the crashing surf rejuvenate and refresh my mind and to let everything go for a little while.

We had been discussing the unruly power of the surf and the contrast of its beauty and danger before hitting the icy cold water that demanded our entire presence. How awesome is Mother Nature, reminding us of the power and force that is life.

I hope that I will continue to remember that when the craziness of routine returns with a    flurry of activity hits at the end of January as we welcome the newest children to play, learn and grow in our care. Amongst the excitement, tears, trepidation and adjustment to change it will be especially important.