Do you know your own boundaries?


Tapping is a powerful tool that can truly heal_ allowing forgiveness, love and acceptance into your life... Louise Hay-10

I loved this quote and found that it really resonated with me, because it reflects my beliefs and experiences. However, that was not always true, and it is was not always an easy ‘lesson’ to learn and grow from, but now that I have, it makes sense!

As a sensitive person, I have experienced various points in my life where I have felt that it was a disadvantage, often feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and sometimes completely misunderstood and lonely.  Whilst most of us feel this at times, it used to be fairly constant and I could not always see the link between separating myself from others to actually have better relationships with everyone.

Since discovering tapping as a client and feeling immediate relief from problems in the most profound and peaceful ways I was such a convert that I trained in Thought Field Therapy! I now have the privilege to experience the joy, bravery and personal transformations of my trusted clients as we work together to create and set their own limits that are meaningful, relevant and most important to them.

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