How’s your emotional vocabulary?

How’s your emotional vocabulary?

In a recent session with a client who was new to tapping, I was thrilled and delighted to witness a huge transformation right before my eyes. Following my lead, I set out a handful of words to describe possible emotions for them to choose from that they felt represented their feelings.

I know that in everyday life we don’t often want to admit to some of the emotions that could be termed ‘darker’ or have a connotation of being ‘negative’. How willing would you be to admit that you were feeling:

Jealous?             Angry?             Guilty?           Rejected?          Lonely?

I think it takes bravery to face the feelings that we might try to avoid, but it is rewarding after stepping through to experience feelings like:






When we are willing to go within ourselves and listen to what is behind hurt and discomfort it can bring us closer to knowing what makes us tick and have strategies to support us when challenges come along.