From 10 to zero

Not only am I an advocate of tapping for others – I am also a tapping client to my practitioner. For the past little while I had been trying to work through some thoughts from my daily life and also trying to decipher the content of crazy dreams.

It is when I feel I need to ‘get out of my own way’ that I call for back up! Yes, I use tapping for lots of reasons myself, but there are times that I benefit from the wisdom of being assisted, and remaining true to myself by asking for this help.

I am still feeling the result from a recent session where the intensity was a big 10 out of 10 on the emotional scale and within what felt like seconds to me I was able to return to 0 – to the point I had to ‘return to my body’.

Feelings that had been held in my body’s cellular memory that had been buried in my subconscious were released, leaving me to feel free to focus on creating my future with intention and purpose.

Tapping is POWERFUL.

Tapping has helped me change my life – how can I  assist you to change yours?


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