Painting your own canvas


Recently I have been having many conversations about creativity as I am beginning to open a creative channel that I wasn’t totally certain existed before.

I know that I am not an artist in the sense that I can’t paint or draw to a level that I would be prepared to share with anyone else confidently.

However, I do recognise my creativity as I now don’t try to define it as anything other than what I choose to represent.  I have begun to really enjoy writing again as it is for pleasure.

I do recall a couple of years ago not knowing where to start, and it is something that I see in my young students.

It is difficult to face a blank canvas and just expect inspiration to fly out…

having a point of reference or prompt helps with this though.

It is a total process to bring our ideas and visions to life and translate them from thought to image or product; whether that be a piece of art, writing or music or anything else that was once a concept.

I have loved watching as two of my students are falling in love with writing – they are hungry to learn and explore the power of communication. By creating opportunities for them to experiment in everyday contexts it becomes even more meaningful and I believe this to be true whatever stage of life you are at.

It is so humbling to be learning to write at the same time as the children I am guiding from the beginning and hopefully encouraging them to embrace their sense of who they are creatively. 

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