Putting your life before you in miniature

Putting your life before you in miniature

Toys in sand tray


If you could put your life before you, what character would you choose to represent you?

Clients who utilise the sand tray in their sessions have an opportunity to select mini models to ‘tell their story’ and see it in front of them. If there have been challenging situations or scenarios between visits this can be the ideal place to take a second look at them in more detail, in the safety of the play space.

Feelings and emotions can be explored intensively or by just recapping the situation. A place to pause and centre or to move on without hesitation.

The sand tray is said to represent the subconscious mind and the miniatures are on offer to help bring some of those deep seated thoughts and emotions to the centre, but only within the client’s personal level of comfort.

It is one thing to be able to talk through a problem with a trusted friend, colleague, counsellor (or other health professional) when we are older and more articulate, but one of the many reasons I love to work with the sand tray is to help my clients manage the things that may not know how to articulate verbally with safety and confidence.

The only thing that compares is the trust and subtle acknowledgment that I receive in the form of a smile and a spring in the step of a client as they return to the big wide world.