Helping Children Solve Problems Through Play

Helping Children Solve Problems Through Play



Some time ago at a networking event we were encouraged to describe our businesses in just a few key words. After I came up with


“I help children solve problems through play'”


I began to notice that I wasn’t losing peoples’ attention and that the conversation naturally continued. I used to give much longer explanations that often left people confused – I think that can be the trouble when you are so used to something you forget that not everyone thinks like you!

Helping children solve problems through play is pretty much what it says it is.

However, the notion of ‘problem’ may just differ a little between adults and children… they could be

  • social – such as when inviting others or being invited to join others in their play
  • physical – managing to open, close, fit, arrange things to fit
  • emotional – recognising different feelings and regulating personal needs
  • cognitive – learning skills including counting, reading, posing questions about the world around us

or even,  fit into neither or these categories, or into all of them at the same time.

What inspires me is the memories of being very young and just being in a hurry to grow up….often feeling

doubtful, insecure, shy, embarrassed or misunderstood 

by my attempts that may have fallen just a little short off the mark…

It is only

Time – Experience – Repetition – Encouragement – Persistence 

That helps children learn to believe that they are

Certain – Secure – Confident – Recognised 

as people in their own right with their own unique sense of who they are….