The power of connection

The power of connection

Like it or loathe it, Australian (Aussie rules) Rules football is here to stay. Another season has ended with the Tigers defeating the Giants for the year just three days ago. In the interests of an unbiased view, I should declare now that I have been a Richmond supporter all my life. Not a die hard fan, but nevertheless I was born into a Tiger family.

Winning the second premiership inside of two years was just unthinkable a few years back. The laughing stock and at the bottom of the ladder, it was often easier not to discuss footy teams at all given the ribbing fans would cop.

Everyone has an opinion of a player, a team or a coach, but one thing certainly unites us as people collectively, and that is connection. Stadiums fill to the brim and the roar of support and heart is ear splitting as thousands of people unite in their passion for music, sport or live theatre.

The power of connection unites us all - Jo Harris Play Specialist

It seems we all want to belong somewhere or to someone whether it is driven by sport or not. It’s what makes us human and without it we would not survive. The draw card for the moment at the gallery is an exhibition by American artist KAWS, (Cause) aka Brian Donelly who uses art combined with pop culture icons to reflect the perils of modern living and the associated disconnection in an age of 24/7 modern living.

Incredibly it was reported that the gift shop merchandise assigned to the Exhibition was selling out faster than it was being stocked onto the shelves to keep up with the demand for it. I believe this encapsulates my belief that being part of an ideal, an artist’s dream, a player’s talent, a musician’s message moves us all to want to share it together to feel a sense of unity.