When did you last post a letter?

When did you last post a letter?

I am asking because I am an advocate for ‘old school learning’ whilst living in a modern world. Don’t get me wrong, because without the ease the digital age brings us, I am such a fan of the written word.

I think that handwriting tells the reader a lot about the author’s unique personality and style.

Cursive or print, all words upper case or a mix of the two, cramped, tiny, large, slanted, messy or neat it is a wonder to me how our feelings and thoughts transpire from our minds to the page in their own way.

Hand written notes can take us back to previous times and places in our memories and make us feel special when the words are meant to be shared between writer and reader, evoking a range of emotions.

Perhaps it is because I enjoy receiving handwritten notes and messages to decode by young children (at a stage of emerging mark making) that is given meaning by them that it is so special to me.

Maybe because it is that it opens up a new world of communication for children that I enjoy it so much…whatever it is – it is a joy to be a part of!

Today I was part of an excursion in which we walked to the post box to send a letter to ourselves and to understand the process the letter takes through the mail to children who may never in their young lives received from a loved one which was addressed to them. Since I recall the pleasure of writing and receiving letters as a child it is something I see much value in, which encourages time to slow down, just for a little while, to enjoy the rest of life around us.

pile of envelopes
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com