We are starting to wrap up the year with the children in a variety of ways to celebrate and acknowledge how far we have all come over the past year.

It is always a time for mixed emotions as we really see and hear how much the children have grown socially, emotionally and physically.

I was in the unusual position of teaching many of the children in the group for a second consecutive year as I followed them up to their four year old group.

This makes saying ‘Goodbye’ a little sweeter and I hope they know what that has meant to me to have the privilege of being part of their lives for twice as long as usual…

When all the toys have been packed away and the last of the party food enjoyed it will be time for a well earned break for us all!

This year was not at all as I expected it to be, but to be honest whenever is that the case for anyone…

There were

Tough days, rough days,

Run out of puff days,

Sad days, sleepy days –

I have had enough days…

Sparkly days, silly days

Remember to play days

Surprising days, uplifting days

Sun through the clouds days

Goodbyes, tears

Confusion, hurt

Hellos, hugs, love and

Brushing off dirt….

All made for an interesting year one almost behind

2019 – you’ve been one of a kind….xo