If at first you don’t succeed..

Circa 1982 – laughing it off when learning to do one of my favourite things still – roller skating!

Although a lovely sentiment, not many of us like the idea of failing or not getting things right the first time!

I am confident that most people could go back to a place in their history and find a moment where they were comforted by friends, families, teachers or some other important person they trust to help them through a perceived failure.

One prominent time in my life was when I was at Uni, as a un Undergraduate studying for my Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies

at the time I felt my world was crumbling down around me.

Fear gripped me as, like a much loved character in the popular American tv show ‘90210’ – life seemed to be imitating art as at the same time I felt like the ‘Donna Martin’ of my peer group.


If you don’t know the reference I will say that the only similarity there was in real life as opposed to teen fiction is that I was not at risk of not graduating with my friends because I got busted for underage drinking – but instead like the show,

my friends were right behind me and supporting me with humour and candour by drawing the link between fantasy and reality and their unwavering support through this particular challenge in my young life.


I had failed a foundation subject that underpinned the majority of my degree and could not advance in my studies without passing it.

I felt the devastation and panic set in as there were associated financial and emotional ramifications with this particular bump in the road.

My friends would be graduating and I would not, instead I would be forced to watch them begin their post graduate lives without me.

That was definitely a defining moment in which I was yet to learn the many benefits that I gained in having to repeat that subject…….