Blooming Where we are Planted

It hasn’t been without its challenges, but after a few days of not doing much at all, and plenty of ideas swimming around in my head I am almost ready to launch my new Ebook for teachers facing the prospect of teaching online for the first time.

I hope that I can use my experience to help inspire others to tackle this new and unusual opportunity to teach from home and we can learn skills together as we navigate these unchartered waters.

I decided to name it ‘Blooming Where we are Planted’ as I think it will reflect a time of growth and creativity for everyone involved, including me!

Since we are planted, in a sense during this time of social distancing, it could be considered a chance to reflect and make choices and decisions based upon these unique circumstances which might not have sprouted before.

At this time of writing I have prepared some of my educational program for children ready for the start of what would be the second term of the school year in Victoria, due to be shared from April 15th, but am prepared for more beyond that time, stocking up many of my favourite resources from the Preschool.