How I know that I was meant to be a teacher

For most, like me, I think I always knew it’s what I wanted to do; there might have been a clue by the way I set up my dolls and teddies facing me as I taught them to count and spell!

However, who could have ever predicted that one day, well into the future that I would be leading a team of dedicated educators who are putting everything into their work, (though it is certainly not how they view their jobs because they are so passionate and dedicated) to teach our beautiful children from their homes.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of introducing my children to my constant companion, Coco happily snoozing away, and later they joined me virtually to see my communal garden which is joins with the a creek.

It was an absolute pleasure to introduce the children to my online version of Nature play, which we were due to start at a local park and beach this term, but sadly could not due to current lockdown restrictions.

How is that for irony ? But I love it! I took photos and videos to show what treasures I found in the garden and made faces and art with them and took an opportunity to explain how I left no footprints behind, except for the digital one it took to share it with them online.

You can take a look here if you’d like to see one of my creations here

I can’t tell you how lovely it is to see my inbox light up with a stream of messages, photos and drawings to show and share this amazing home based learning!

Yes, there have been challenges with online learning this week, including intermittent internet connection right at the time it was most needed to upload my content to the digital platform of See Saw.

In true teacher style though, it was an opportunity to remind myself of how new this all is, for me, for my students and for my families but the best gift I could give them and myself is my greatest reminder of why I wanted to teach in the first place, to connect, contribute and create optimal places for learning and growth.

To all my teachers, thank you for your part in guiding me to be a teacher.