It might be time to let a plate fall..

Dear Teachers,

What are you doing to take care of yourself right now?

If like me, you have been spinning a few plates in the air since the beginning of term two you may have been thrust into a chaotic world of online learning… as well as re-acclimatising children from remote learning at home back to Preschool – it might be time to let a spinning plate fall.

At this time there are many guideposts from many sources, but ultimately it is up to you, me, us to decide when this happens.

Of course, you could just put a plate down, but there is something satisfying about the idea of letting one smash to relieve some of the tension that may have been invariably building.

Slowly, our children have been returning to kindergarten and for the most part have been enjoying time reuniting with friends, routines and the provocations of our program.

Slowly, the group has increased in size, the session times have become longer and the children are attending more frequently.

Slowly, my mind has begun to return to the list of ‘to do’s’ and things left unfinished, on hold or awaiting my attention.

Slowly, I have taken my time to remember my own time to wind down and take time to readjust to a whole group again.

Slowly, I will remember the lessons we are learning in 2020 – to remind myself and my colleagues that nothing is more important than remembering that we are all doing our best in these strange times.

I want to extend my gratitude for the teacher network groups and forums that are virtual places of support and ultimate professionalism.

I want to reach out to any teacher, who feels like they want to connect and share this experience with me as we continue to navigate our way through.

I want to have a conversation with anyone who wants to mend or discard their broken plates, or wants someone to smash a plate with!

There is beauty to be found in reflection and an opportunity to see what your future holds in this time – a time for positive change to remind yourself of how important you are to so many children and their families.

Credit: Google Images