Just Horsin’ Around

Today was one of those one of a kind days that was made all the more magic in its ordinariness because there were no expectations.

Starting on the path it was muddy….slippery and messy…but before long it was worth persisting through it as the track dried-up and became a pillow of pine needles.

It was like being in the middle of a fairy tale, as the pine trees above reached for the sky, bending to the shape of a crescent moon.

Time seemed to stand as still as the silent tractors in the paddocks, but for the chirping of the beautiful native parrots high up in the trees.

Springing back to the present day, it was not long before kids, dogs and horses appeared from both ends of the track.

Laughter erupted in response to the antics of the dogs, exploring the mud which soon covered their once pristine coats.

But the real highlight was meeting this cheeky horse who was having the time of its life throwing and catching the feed bucket up and around the paddock, barely noticing the captive audience.

Saying hello up close was even funnier when I received a nip on the hand as there was no food on offer from me either!

I just love the way that animals are completely themselves and communicate in their own unique and funny ways.

Being around all these beautiful surroundings (and so close to home) was the kind of uplift I didn’t even know I needed.

It reminded me of the beauty that everything has a perfect order – and standing still for a moment to breathe in the cool, crisp Winter air can provide a calm and stillness that could never be found in exactly the same place or time.

Taking this with me, I will remember the way it felt to be drawn into the magnificence of nature and the purpose of each season and the relationship to the whole of life.