It’s the little things…

I received a surprise gift today – completely unexpected.

I was in the middle of a Zoom call when I heard someone outside telling me they were leaving a package on my door step.

At first I didn’t even hear her, until she called out again to try and get my attention.

A little parcel was carefully bound in bubble wrap and tissue paper decorated in palm leaves.

The smell and pattern combined made me feel like I was transported to a tropical island holiday!

Inside were a trio of ‘Vibrational mists’ made from essential oils including Lemon, Peppermint, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Each one can help with overwhelm, concentration, clarity and motivation.

I have no doubt that the mists will lift my spirits, but not surprisingly it is the thought behind the gift that has made the most impact on me today!

I am grateful to surround myself with beautiful, natural gifts to remind myself of all that is good and whole around me.

I will remember to appreciate all that is here to enjoy and there is so much to be grateful for – starting with the small things.

Call me old fashioned, but it is the simple and home made touches that make up rituals and are associated with some of my fondest memories.