What is the difference between Gratitude and Appreciation?

This was a question posed to us in a private group. But it has stayed with me for well over a week. The facilitator has an excellent way of leaving lasting impressions like this.

For me the I had not actually considered it all before being invited to explore it… in the days since it has kept coming back to my mind in fun and unusual ways and I was reminded once more whilst putting the final touches to my new online course for teachers, launching soon!

I had written a little book about Gratitude As a Daily Habit over a month ago and in a bit of panic thought it had been lost entirely to the digital app it was created on.

No stranger to the mysteries of the Universe I accepted the book as lost when it showed up in another place on my over flowing desktop!

So, was it gratitude or appreciation that I felt when I was reunited with this little gem – don’t worry the irony is certainly not lost on me…

Well, to hedge my bets I would say both.

I will however, dig a little deeper to say how or why they might qualify for one or Bothe categories.

There was gratitude for my ability to have learned to stop sweating so much of the small stuff and becoming more aware to accept the as is of life.

There was appreciation for my noticing my new gift of gratitude and acceptance for this occurring as well as a bigger opportunity to open my mind to the many other things that are noticed and celebrated as small wins each day.

Gratitude invites thoughts of what we are thankful for and can be felt more in reflective, contemplative moods.

Appreciation seems to evoke more a feeling of what is present in the here and now.

I love that the word appreciate has been brought to my attention in this way as it also encourages me to keep my focus to the only time there is – NOW.


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