It was snowing that day..

Where do I start as the memories come flooding back to the day my eldest niece was born?

The first time I met her, I held her awkwardly, not because of inexperience, but because I was in plaster from the top of my arm to the tips of my fingers.

Embarassingly I had broken my right arm on a day trip to the snow and had to spend six weeks with that dreaded cast on my arm. You know how they say you take things like your health (and your ability to tie your shoe laces independently) for granted – well it is all true.

Nothing like a bit of humility in having to wear stretchy pants because you can’t fasten a zip or button without help!

Eliza was born 25 years ago today with a shock of black hair and blue eyes.

Today she is a confident young woman with pink hair and adorning a rose gold necklace with a Virgo symbol on it and she has the most infectious laugh.

With a little rosebud mouth she was just perfect to her new parents, grandparents, great grandmother, aunty and uncle.

Seeing as I was the youngest child in my family it was an extra novelty to have someone younger than me to fuss over for the first time.

What makes me even more proud is that Eliza is in her last few months of completing her degree she will soon be graduating as a trained teacher – following in her aunty’s footsteps, but absolutely carving her own path.

I know that her future students will be in extremely capable hands.


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