Following in the steps of her Great Grandmother

It has been a long time coming, but my youngest niece Maddi’s text was so welcome to receive. She had just completed her final hospital placement and was beyond excited to share her news.

The pathway to this milestone was most certainly not a straight line; with many delays and hiccups she was beginning to feel like this day would never arrive.

Just like her Great Grandmother, Maddi has a Diploma in Nursing.

We had been admiring her maturity and natural disposition to understand her patients and the biology and physiology of the human body.

She lapped up all that she could of her time under the supervision of dedicated professionals paving the way for a new generation of graduates.

My maternal grandmother was a health care nurse in England.

As a child I thought I may follow in her footsteps too, and even had a stint as a cadet with St John Ambulance.

Although I enjoyed it, I feel so sure that even if becoming a nurse skipped a generation in our family, it was absolutely in her destiny for Maddi to take the proverbial baton to run with in the exciting career that is awaiting her.

Hard working with a cheeky sense of humour I am so proud of this confident and kind young woman who I know will put her patients at ease in her care.


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