Finding the positives in the negative

I’ve not been online much lately… that is not totally true as my online presence has been maintaining connections with family and friends as well as a lot of coordinating plans for enrolling new families for next year.

In the time that I have been offline I have been kept busy with moving to a new kindergarten while the old ones was being demolished…

Helping to clear out and pack up 25 plus years of toys, equipment and furniture from our old premises to having the ‘once in a career opportunity’ to furnish a brand new one meant shedding a few tears of joy, sadness, exhaustion, relief and exhaustion all rolled into one.

After a couple of weeks it is starting to feel more like our new space and it is an opportunity to start a new era of learning.

With everything going on it is not surprising that we sometimes put our health lower down the priority list than we should.

A little over a week and a bit ago I felt my throat becoming sore to the point that it required medical intervention. During my Telehealth appointment the Doctor explained that I would need COVID test as I was experiencing one of the major symptoms.

The staff at the clinic could not have been more caring and kind throughout the whole process. I felt nervous about the test, like anyone would, as I tried to keep my focus upon the pictures and laminated posters on the wall. I was reading the instructions, but not necessarily taking in all the information.

I was briefly distracted by the short wait for the staff to perform the test from a mother and her son in the open cubicle across from mine. Seeing the genuine fear he had made me want to find my courage – possibly more for myself than him as his mum stepped him through everything that was about to happen.

A few days rest to recover I was of course very pleased to hear the familiar beep of my phone with the positive news of my test reading negative.

Yes, it is true. I got sick and run down from over doing things.

Yes, it is true. I am not the greatest patient as I prefer taking care of others.

Yes, it is true. I have wonderful family, friends and colleagues who have all helped me to recover.


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