‘Reflective thinking turns experience into insight..’

I loved the simplicity of this quote (author unknown) and the universality that it brings wherever you are and whatever your personal situation is. As this year, and decade comes to a close it felt right to revisit some past learnings before making the transition to 2021.

I know for me this year, that embracing the concept of imperfection and things being unfinished or in process have been especially important an d relevant to me and where I am in my life right now.

While easier said than done, it is not impossible after all!

Embracing vulnerability and the ‘as is’ of any given moment can feel equal parts terrifying and gratifying all at once.

As the Winter/Summer Solstice recently marked a remarkable opportunity to release the past, it also lit the pathways moving forward for setting intentions for creating our future.

Reviewing the generous words and wishes of the families of my most recent students I am humbled by their intentions for me.

May 2021 bring you much happiness and joy like you have shared…and peace be with you always’.

In this spirit, I wish the same for them, and to everyone I connect with in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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