Less Talk, More Action

Yes, I’ll admit I am a talker, in fact those who know me, will testify to this. However, when it comes to conversing with children, sometimes less, can be more.

By minimising how much you say, it can have greater effects, and in some sense ‘wins’ in your relationships. After all, it is said, that children do what you do, not what you say….

One such example is when you hear yourself becoming exasperated by repeating the same request for children to

  • Clean their room
  • Pick up their dirty clothes/towels/uniforms off the floor
  • Stop arguing with their siblings
  • Go to sleep or get up in the morning…….!!!!

Since these are often based on daily routines and requests please bear in mind that your children do know what is expected…and they can, and will likely follow up independently when they realise that no one else will do it for them – tempting as it may be!


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