Hey there inspired teacher

Ever wondered what the difference is between teachers who struggle month after month and are unable to keep their head above the never ending bureaucracy of red tape instead of being in the classroom and actually teaching what they love …

… and teachers who turn up to work excited and inspired to meet the happy faces of their students with high energy, feeling like they are really making a difference, and able to cope easily with all the extra red tape they need to contend with?

If you are ready to implement healthy and energising habits and practices from the start
BUT can’t imagine the (ugh) work you’d have to do to actually make this happen?

Know that you CAN break the patterns keeping you stuck and unhappy, gain the strength, wellness, vitality and balance necessary to bust through your personal “upper limit” and show up each day calm, composed, content with the stamina and presence you really desire.

I had been happy on the outside, but struggling on the inside all my life from the anxiety of putting others before myself too often.

I totally understand you because I WAS that teacher.

I was desperate to feel better and was willing to try almost anything to help me take back the wheel and control of my life so without hesitation I agreed…and after a few treatments I realised that I was starting to sleep better and my relationships with others were improving too – my general outlook on life was so much better.
That was the very beginning of changing my lifestyle and ultimate personal happiness for good, and it only continues to get better……

Teachers who are ready to embrace the never ending to-do list and reduce their workload (without compromising care)
Teachers who know that they want to learn how to balance meeting the expectations of others by putting themselves first
Teachers who want to learn cutting edge techniques that promote and encourage their personal accountability (and skyrocket their energy levels)
Teachers who are ready to take their social and personal life back, and leave work on time without feeling stressed or guilty
Teachers who want to reclaim their vitality naturally

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Are there any refunds provided?
Yes after 30 days and you have implemented the practices but still feel no change I will give a no questions asked refund.

How long will it take for results to start?
As with anything, the more time you can focus on the completing the content, giving it your full time and attention, you can put it into practice right away and let the results speak for themselves.

How is the material available online?
The content will be available with one module each week to give you plenty of time to read and engage with it, at your pace.

How do I interact with you? …
You can contact me with questions directly via email at joanneharriseducation@gmail.com
I will also be interacting with our Private Facebook Group – Joyful Teachers doing a Live and giving you some extra content to work through each week.

Is there interaction with other online students? …
Yes, you will meet and interact with others via the Private Facebook Group – Joyful Teachers where you can support each other through the course and beyond if you wish!

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