The Tapping I am going to be referring to is Thought Field Therapy (TFT) You may have come across tapping through the modality of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.)

The founder of Tapping, Roger Callahan’s work has been condensed into EFT today, but his work was the originator of this groundbreaking technique in which a person can be relieved of pain and anxiety quickly and easily through the body’s natural healing system.

Using it when you have a problem, especially one that is triggered by a strong emotional feeling by resolving the root cause and restoring balance back into the body quickly, effectively and permanently.

It can help with symptoms including depression, sleeplessness, weight loss and more. TFT is drug free, pain free and side effect free.

There are some basic tapping points that are located around the body which are tapped on during a session starting at the eyebrows, including the head and face down to the hands, fingers and collarbone.

Before a session starts the practitioner will ask the client to rate their level of pain or discomfort to help get a gauge that will be revisited with each round of tapping.

There is no need to perfect with the amount of times the body is tapped upon, and the practitioner can also work surrogately if the client is unable to tap on themselves – what is important is for the client to have many opportunities through the tapping process to check in between rounds to make an assessment to see if there are any changes to the way they are feeling as they tap.

The best thing about tapping is the results you can achieve!

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