Play is a topic that I could easily spend talking about forever and a day! This is probably because of my teacher training and subsequent experience working with children in Preschools for nearly 25 years, and it is also due to the fact that I did extra study to become a Play Therapist.

Having so much passion and interest for play, I want the world to know how valuable it is!

One of the many, many powerful things about play is that there is an opportunity for children (and adults) help recognise and solve their own problems. They have the ability to make choices, and changes using play, to work out and make sense of things that are happening around them.

Play can highlight our dispositions for learning including skills and attributes such as resilience and tenacity – part of your personality, but also part of your learning style.

It enables the learner to draw connections between prior experiences and new learning; to help develop concepts, while promoting the diversity and creativity of the learner. They can see who they are in relation to other people, places and things.

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