About Jo



Jo Harris is an trained Early Childhood Teacher with over 20 years local and international experience working in a variety of settings in Australia, United Kingdom and Belgium.

She continues to balance part time teaching, is a Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader in a sessional Preschool. Jo has taught in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) system at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) hosts parent and teacher workshops and a teacher mentor.

Jo was awarded Exemplary Teacher status in 2018 through a strict validation process.

“As the third child of my family and the first to go to University I was determined to take on the world. I struggled, but my persistence paid off !I failed subjects and practical placements along the way but now I am in a position to help others to learn who they are as teachers and what special passions and talents they can bring to the children they teach and learn with.

I now thoroughly enjoy sharing my learning and leadership that is balanced with a combination of my personal and professional experiences to support others to bring out the best of themselves too in a rewarding and life changing career.”

“Happy, healthy teachers encourage happy, healthy children and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and wisdom that ensures kindness, fairness and self love that can only benefit the planet as a whole.”