Never ending, always changing

Grief never ends. But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay.

Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.

It is the price of love.


This year has been nothing like I expected it to be, with plenty of plot twists added into the mix. Like most people I had a general idea of what might happen but at roughly the half way point of 2019 it is safe to say that not much has gone to plan…but that is because  it has been better. Not always ‘by design’ but that’s okay because it has meant that I have grown and been tested outside of my comfort zone.

If we consciously chose to be outside of this I don’t necessarily think that we would push ourselves that hard – however it is interesting to see what I am really made of….

Lately I have been processing the sudden and very recent passing of my Dad, and in some ways I still can’t quite believe it is true.

I am being sharply reminded of how grief feels and since that it was I most want to share with others I am embracing this magnitude of emotions with my family by my side.

I could refer to the five stages of grief as well documented by Elisabeth Kubler Ross as a starting point, although there are of course many more. I am thankful for her work as a guide post to help me at least some way recognise some of my up and down emotions.

For now, it is just important to be easy on myself and ride the roller coaster for as long as I need to.

The gifts of beautiful flowers and condolence cards are close by with comforting words for reassurance which reminds me of the love and support I have received with love and kindness.

Perhaps most important though for right now is to just not resist what surfaces from within that I will privately journal.

Since undertaking a writing course I have discovered how much I want to say and share in the hope that it could assist others when it is my turn to support them.




Warming hearts with Wendy

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to join Wendy Steward as a guest on her podcast ‘Wendy’s Way’ where she interviewed me on Play. It was a great experience to be able to share with her some of my personal insights on the importance of play for children, their families and the reason why it is so important in children’s development.

You can download the full episode on I-Tunes or visit:



Seeing nature through children’s eyes is like seeing it for the first time…




Look at this beautiful creation made by children at a local beach. Do you remember the last time that you did this or have ever done this?

I think I might love it so much because this is something I valued as a child and how I spent my time…modelled by my family who also loved nurturing me through a love of nature and learning.

It may be winter in Melbourne, but that is not stopping me from enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Back In the Creator’s Suite


I have had so much fun recording in the Creator’s Suite today some of my presentations that will soon be available to purchase online. I’m very excited to be able to share this content for you to watch and learn from wherever you are!


Please stay tuned for more..

The only time is now

I spoke today with a room full of students mid way through their course training on play and brain development. During this hour and half session I presented some information on the major theorists who have and continue to, influence me on how I relate to and with the children and families I work with.

One of my favourite theorists is Lev Vygotsky, and I have included one of his powerful quotes that resonates with me and the power of how now is the only time to learn.


What a child can do today with assistance , they will be able to do by themselves tomorrow Lev Vygotsky