Relighting the fire

So this term is quickly drawing to a close… one of the most memorable in my teaching career.

It is now a part of my personal history and of humanity’s the world over.

Teaching has changed forever, and will never be the same as we have known before.

Teachers are receiving credit where they have never had before.

Teachers are being asked to do more than they have ever had to do, or BE before.

While it is has been challenging, exhausting, overwhelming and completely unpredictable


I know that it is teachers who are some of the most resilient, capable, creative and open to change people on the planet.

This is the time to merge everything ‘new’ with what is ‘old’ to see where we are headed next.

My vote is for everything that creates and promotes: flexible delivery,  practical experience and many, many more conversations that inspire learning for life.

I am excited by the prospect of what is possible next for teachers, their students, families and education everywhere.