Discovery Call

Could you be a reluctant leader – leading from behind but wanting to be at the front?

Unsure about your next steps with your Professional Development, or are considering a change from your current teaching role?

Have you been asked to be an Educational Leader or Year Level Co-Ordinator within your Preschool or School but are uncertain about the time/pressure it might add to your current workload?

If you would like to gain clarity and take away the fear of change or uncertainty your first step is to sign up to my

Reluctant Leader Discovery Call…

In this 30 minute no obligation phone call you will:

*Identify your biggest question about your leadership potential

*Learn more #1 tip for reducing stress and overwhelm quickly

*Feel prepared to identify your Professional Development Goals

So you can enjoy your holiday break feeling relaxed and ready to return next year, confident and relaxed!

Cost: FREE (Valued at $97)