Discovery Call

Could you be a heart centred teacher – silently leading from the sidelines but would like to inspire positive change on the front line?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired with workload expectations and that they are growing each year you are in the teaching profession?

Exhausted before the holidays even start and often sick when they do?

Do you feel that you have ideas that would benefit your students and colleagues but lack the confidence to share them?

If you would like to bring back the fun and energy of a vibrant learning environment then your first step is to connect with me on my

Joyful Leader Discovery Call…

In this 30 minute no obligation phone call you will:

*Clarify your personal teaching style

*Learn my #1 tip for reducing stress and overwhelm quickly

*Reconnect with the passion you had as a graduate teacher

So you can enjoy feeling relaxed and ready to teach, confident and centred!

Cost: FREE (Valued at $197)